Tell Your Story With Video.

The reason video is such an effective marketing tool is because humans are wired to be visual learners. It’s much easier for a person to understand and remember information when it’s presented through video. Video enables a company to communicate its messages and ideas in a way that’s both appealing and understandable and this is why it has the potential to greatly improve any company’s customer acquisition programs.

Hello, We’re Feedback Media.

We’re Feedback Media and we make it easy for companies to produce employee videos and customer testimonials in house. We simplified the video creation process so now any company can easily create great video marketing content. Our service is perfect for any company just getting started with video marketing.

Rather than paying a fortune to a production agency, we give companies a turn-the-key-solution to affordably do it themselves in-house. Our platform lets you crowdsource smartphone video recordings and our technology gets your employees and customers to be the main characters of the videos.

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Be Helpful To Consumers

When consumers seek information about a product they’re considering buying, the one thing they do not want is content that’s all about “SELLING” them. Instead they seek is content that’s all about “HELPING“. Luckily Feedback Media is here to help your company create helpful content.

Small Business owners

We Make It Super Easy

We make it super-easy for companies to create a video ecosystem whereby the people who build and sell your products can easily be helpful to the people currently interested in buying it. Now you can establish an in-house capability to produce videos that explain the specific pain points your products solve.

Small Business owners